NEW BOOK Tracking Bigfoot the Journey Continues



This book is based on real-life events that took place in the North Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington. Lori grew up in Kirkland and her Dad, Don, would often visit on the weekends. He was a real life Mountain Man. Lori developed her tracking skills from her Dad from the days when she was a little girl fishing with him on the treacherous Skagit River. Don Wallace lived in the North Cascades for 30 years and tracked Bigfoot for over 28 years. Don was a hunter, trapper, and fisherman, a man who genuinely knew how to use the woods for survival, not for trophies. He had a special way with animals; somehow they knew he meant them no harm and had a good heart. He shared the forest with these Bigfoots, and they, too, seemed to know he had a kindred spirit. After Don lost his battle to cancer, Lori had to fulfill his dying wish. She made a promise to her Dad that she would share the truth about Bigfoot, that they do exist. Lori’s father passed away before he finished writing his book Tracking Bigfoot and Lori told her father on his death bed she would make sure it was published. The book was her father’s journal of his real-life Bigfoot encounters and his interviews with local witnesses. Don learned these unique creatures seemed to live all around his property deep in the North Cascades Mountains.

Tracking Bigfoot: the Journey Continues is Lori’s journal, dated from March, 2012, to July, 2014. Lori wanted to feel close to her father, so she decided to hike on the same paths where her father tracked Bigfoot. She discovered his stories were true. These amazing creatures seemed to trust Lori, they didn’t just make sounds in the forest but even led her to where they live! Lori has inherited Don’s unique ability with nature. She still cherishes the memory of how Don sat down to eat lunch and a wild rabbit appeared and sat calmly beside him. She took over her father’s research area in the North Cascades, and it was there Lori had her first Bigfoot encounter. She was frightened at first by the strange sounds and activities, but more experience brought with it a sense of ease. She was able to be a free spirit, a person in communion with nature while in Bigfoot Country. These creatures truly enjoy listening to her voice and hearing her laughter. Lori researches throughout all the seasons of the year. She has hiked in the winter snow up to her knees even in the dark by moonlight. Lori’s research evolved from simple awareness to studying the creatures’ behavior patterns. She discovered they were very familiar with her father and perhaps were even saddened by his passing. At first only one creature, nicknamed the Big Guy, allowed Lori to know he was there. With time, others followed suit, allowing Lori to establish a trusting relationship. She learned more about their behavior with humans and one another. It’s possible the Bigfoots have known Lori from the time she was

a girl going fishing with her dad. They show intelligent signs they know of the connection. Lori has taken people of varied credentials to her father’s area to assist with her research. She has taken members of Sasquatch organizations and couple of the world’s leading academics, including Professor Bryan Sykes. In the beginning Lori believed that proving these creatures’ existence was the main goal but discovered there was more: she was truly blessed to live in the moment with an amazing fellow species she studied with her heart as well as her mind. They share the forest with ease and watch over Lori while she goes hiking, and she can feel their blessing. This book will open your eyes to what you thought was just a mythical creature. This book will take you on a journey you have never imagined to where these animals live. You will track Bigfoot through the forest with Lori as she takes worldfamous cryptozoologists and professors on real life encounters together. The North Cascade Mountains National Forest comes to life as if you have just stepped into another world. This book will take you on The Big Guy Project, an expedition with the world’s leading human genetic scientist, Professor Bryan Sykes. You will learn about the results of studying DNA from an unknown primate. Lori will share the full story behind the DNA and how it ended up in the hands of the professor and government labs. Then there was the unique creature photo caught on a trail camera while camping outside under the stars.

Lori will take you through the entire 10-day expedition experience with six other well-known researchers who have traveled all over the world researching mythical creatures. These men have traveled even to the Congo and have never before in their entire lives experienced anything as special as this. What they thought was going to be a beautiful, peaceful camping trip in the Northwest turned out to be the most unforgettable mind-blowing creature experience ever! Even the skeptics became believers! Here is the full story behind the creature encounters and photo, with reviews by specialists. It may seem unbelievable that contact with a species so elusive and so well hidden could be made by one woman just following her Dad’s footsteps. But read the adventure and decide for yourself.

About trackingbigfoot

Tracking Bigfoot Book in Memory of my dad Donald Wallace whom Tracked Bigfoot for 28 Years. He was a true mountain man lived in the North Cascades Mts. for 30 Years. He Lost His Battle to cancer. My father's dying that his discovery the Big Guy does exists. He wanted the world to know the truth. Bigfoot is real! For Every Book Sold $1 Donation To Cancer Research. Tracking Bigfoot Legacy continues. The book that stands up to cancer!
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