My father’s dying wish

So devastating losing my father Donald Wallace….April 14,2010. My father battled cancer for over 4 years. He wanted everyone to know he never gave up. He was an amazing person! I grew up going fishing with my dad from the time I was 7 years old. I learned true survival skills. My dad was a real life mountain man and taught me everything I know. My father lived in the Cascades Mt for 30 years and tracked Bigfoot for 28 years. It was his dying wish that his book gets published. I made that promise to my dad on his death bed. He told me he wanted the people to know the truth. That they do exist. I still wasn’t a believer but I always believed in my dad! It wasn’t until my father’s service my cousin Connie convinced me to finish writing my dad’s book. So desperate to feel close to my father again. I had my brother take me to the areas my father wouldn’t allow me. My dad would say,” No Lori it’s too dangerous for you.” Knowing this I still entered the forest. One of the areas I used to go fishing with my dad. I remember the trails along the river. My brother Mike was worried. He explained to me this is where an aggressive one lives. Summer of 2010 is when I learned my father’s Bigfoot stories are true! I also found my father’s discovery he talked about The Big Guy. Well more like he found me…For the past five years I’ve continued my father’s research. Taking many greats in the field and scientist. I’ve put my own life on the line for science. But I can’t allow my father’s 28 years of research to go unsolved. It is with love and dedication to my father Donald Wallace. That I continue to walk in his footsteps. Book proceeds are donated to Cancer Research! In memory of my dad. I have a new book out called Tracking Bigfoot the Journey Continues.

About trackingbigfoot

Tracking Bigfoot Book in Memory of my dad Donald Wallace whom Tracked Bigfoot for 28 Years. He was a true mountain man lived in the North Cascades Mts. for 30 Years. He Lost His Battle to cancer. My father's dying that his discovery the Big Guy does exists. He wanted the world to know the truth. Bigfoot is real! For Every Book Sold $1 Donation To Cancer Research. Tracking Bigfoot Legacy continues. The book that stands up to cancer!
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