My Hypothesis

My father told me stories about the Big Guy and how he came to find him. That the Big Guy was like a giant throwing a massive tantrum jarring the ground he was standing on.
I thought well how do you know it’s not a bear in hibernation underground.
My father a trapper/ hunter his whole life had never before experienced any animal behavior like this one.
Process of elimination when it comes to conducting field research.
I still wasn’t a believer but I always believed in my dad!
It wasn’t until after my father’s passing. I found out my father’s stories were true!
Summer of 2010
I had my brother take me to the areas my father wouldn’t allow me. My dad would say,” No Lori it’s too dangerous for you.” Knowing this I still entered the forest.
One of the areas I used to go fishing with my dad when I was young.
My brother Mike was worried. Said this is where an aggressive one lives. Dad said it has a hot temper
We drove my dad’s car that day down into the area. The moment we got out of the car. It was as if we stepped into the jungle. We could hear drumming coming from a nearby tree. We couldn’t figure out where just yet. My brother pounded on the hood of the car. It was like a game.
I will never forget standing side by side with my brother next to the car. We heard a low guttural growl……My brother asks,” Was that your stomach ?”
“No?! That wasn’t you?”
I shoved my brother out of the way as I jumped in the car.
I was sitting in the passenger seat backwards holding the camera with my hands trembling my heart racing. I thought at any moment a Sasquatch was going to attack the car. My brother still pounding on the hood of the car. The drumming sounds and low growls still continued. My brother was getting the Big Guy all railed up. I guess in hopes he would come out.
That was my 1st experience with the Big Guy.
And For the past 7 years I’ve continued my father’s research. I’ve put my own life on the line for science.
I’ve taken many greats in the field. Members of Sasquatch organizations and couple of the world’s leading academics and wildlife biologists. To name a few Professor Bryan Sykes, Professor Rhettman Mullis, Wildlife Biologist Dr John Bindernagel.
I’ve had scary experiences conducting field research in the Cascades.  I thought I was going to be killed. I thought I would never return home alive! And for good reason..Because you see I was intrusive. I set up hair traps with Professor Bryan Sykes and Adam Davies. World’s leading human genetics scientist Professor Bryan Sykes was in hopes of retrieving DNA of the Big Guy. When Adam and I went to check on the hair traps. The Big Guy roared like a lion in the wild. We both feared we were going to be killed! It took me over a year to return.
I can’t allow my father’s 28 years of research to go unsolved. It is with love and dedication to my father Donald Wallace. That I continue to walk in his footsteps.


After collecting over 400 hours of data. I’ve charted the Big Guy’s behavior. He’s responsive to the activity to his area. Loud noises trucks air planes birds chirping. His behavior is unpredictable when I bring a guest. I never know what might set off his HOT Temper! At times he can be playful but that’s not always the case.
Demonstrating the Big Guy’s Behavior in compared to Wild Gorillas 1st part is the Big Guy’s behavior when no one is around.You will hear river roaring in the background. This audio has not been enhanced.
2nd Part Audio of Wildlife biologist John Bindernagel visits for the 1st time. Audio recording using my hand held parabolic as we enter the forest. John opened my eyes to the different sounds of growling and possible chest beating. Big Guy is responsive to my voice. Truly amazing how the Big Guy interacts with me! And Yes over the years I’ve learned to give him space when needed.
3rd Part Wild Gorilla Chest Beating compared to Big Guy
6:16 4th Part Primate behavior – pounding on the ground Big Guy’s behavior compared to Gorillas Similarities of the Low guttural growl

@7:10 Last Part I’m often asked if the bumps I’m hearing is coming from the trees in the wind. I’m told to look up is it windy? Look and see if the trees are bumping against each other.

Demonstrating Tree cracks,bumping sounds in the wind. Comparing to the Big Guy’s sounds that is clearly coming from below this douglas fir tree. You can clearly hear the wind blowing.Trees swaying back and forth cracking. Big Guy’s audio no wind only river in the background.
You will hear more than just bumping..WOW the massive strength of the Big Guy pounding on the inner walls of the cavity below this tree!
Notice Big Guy’s bumping sounds hollow like a base drum.

I have sent off sounds of the Big Guy to David Ellis. Turns out there is no match to any known sonogram that David Ellis is aware of.

David Ellis’s review
I have been following some percussive sounds from areas all over but yours are unique. I have no rational explanation for what you are experiencing on a very consistent basis.
The percussive voice sounds I am following have more of a voice like quality than yours. The sounds you are recording are very percussive in nature.

So to my old self that once asked my dad, “What makes you think it’s not a bear in hibernation underground?”
The Big Guy’s sounds does not match up with a bear’s sonogram. The Big Guy does not match up to any other known species at this time that we are aware of.
My Conclusion: I know the Big Guy is underground but how is that possible? I know my father took photos of peepholes next to a large douglas fir tree.I know that the openings of caves do normally Then the cave opens up with massive space underground.Is it possible the underground tunnel system is marble caves/limestone tunnel caverns that the Big Guy uses?
It is stated that National Parks Association in June 18,2008 that Marblemount Washington was known primarily for its vast marble caves a 480 acre monument.
My Hypothesis:

Here in the Pacific Northwest Sasquatches use underground for shelter. It is a well known fact that an animal so large such as the Alaska Grisly Bears use underground for hibernation. So why not a Sasquatch?

I’m truly blessed to live in the moment with an amazing fellow species. Continuing to learn more about what and whom they are. It is with love and dedication to my father Donald Wallace. That I continue to walk in his footsteps.
In memory of my father Donald Wallace the books Tracking Bigfoot and Tracking Bigfoot the Journey Continues proceeds are donated to cancer research.
To save lives to those affected by cancer.

About trackingbigfoot

Tracking Bigfoot Book in Memory of my dad Donald Wallace whom Tracked Bigfoot for 28 Years. He was a true mountain man lived in the North Cascades Mts. for 30 Years. He Lost His Battle to cancer. My father's dying that his discovery the Big Guy does exists. He wanted the world to know the truth. Bigfoot is real! For Every Book Sold $1 Donation To Cancer Research. Tracking Bigfoot Legacy continues. The book that stands up to cancer!
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