Extreme Expeditions Group

I had the pleasure of tracking with Extreme Expeditions Group back in Sep 2012.

It was September 4th of 2012 when the team Extreme Expeditions visited from Europe. Our 10 day expedition in Bigfoot Country after planning for 9 long months.

Well-known researchers who have traveled all over the world researching mythical creatures. These men have traveled even to the Congo and have never before in their entire lives experienced anything as special as this. What they thought was going to be a beautiful, peaceful camping trip in the Northwest turned out to be the most unforgettable mind-blowing creature experience ever! Even the skeptics became believers!

In my latest book Tracking Bigfoot the Journey Continues.  I share the full story behind the creature encounters and photo, with reviews by specialists. It may seem unbelievable that contact with a species so elusive and so well hidden could be made by one woman just following her Dad’s footsteps. But read the adventure and decide for yourself.

I recommend following these truly amazing field researchers as they quest the truth! Their videos take you with them.

Extreme Expeditions Ltd Andrew Sanderson (Sandy)




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L-R (Back) Sandy, Dave Archer,
(Front), Simon Mellor, Tim de Frel