Hidden Look Out of 2 Dens: Photos by Donald Wallace

In the book Tracking Bigfoot Don writes: Nov.17th,2008

I have to believe it was the Bigfoot that has eluded me, made a lot of strange noises-like I had never heard before-and was no doubt the same giant that threw the ground-jarring tantrum in the den when I thought I was a goner.

I believe it knows I mean it no harm and I hope it will eventually be a mutual understanding.

I felt I have made a lot of progress when it allowed me to get in that close, and eventually I truly believe I’ll get that ultimate photograph.

Being this close to the powerful, giant beast was fearful.  It wasn’t a comfortable feeling to stay there.  Had I tried to get closer, who knows what could have happened. I felt I had pushed it as far as I could.  I’ve been closer.  I think the thing is trusting me more as time goes by and it sees me around there more.  And of course, I leave it food.  I’m a far easier time now than originally when it was hair-raising.

I had troble sleeping after I went to bed later than normal, but I was wound up after seeing at least a part of the monster.  It is just unfortunate that it’s so difficult to get a picture of a near-black Bigfoot creature inside a near-black den with no contrast-making it nearly impossible to get the ultimate picture of this wary and wily primate that also possesses uncanny intelligence.

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