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Concrete Herald
December 2011


Marblemount Bigfoot tracker gets his dying wish
Tracking Bigfoot published by daughter after expert outdoors man
loses fight with cancer.

Marblemount outdoorsman Donald
Wallace lived in the North Cascades
community for 30 years. Twenty-eight
of those years were spent tracking that
elusive denizen of the Pacific Northwest:
Now, Wallace’s book, Tracking Bigfoot,
has been published by his daughter,
Lori Simmons. The book is available on as a paperback and e-book.
Simmons, who lives in Florida, said
publication of Wallace’s book was his
dying wish. “We needed to fulfill a
promise to him. That promise was to share
his knowledge of tracking Bigfoot,” said
Simmons. The book is Wallace’s journal,
which Simmons finished for publication.
Already a published writer before his
death, Wallace’s byline appeared in such
outdoor publications as Western Outdoors
Magazine and Fur-Fish-Game. For
Tracking Bigfoot, Wallace tapped his own
extensive knowledge and experiences, and
interviewed five people who had seen six
Bigfoot among them—the most recent
sighting being mid-July 2008—and all in
the Marblemount area. The book describes
Bigfoot’s “wild screams” and details the
sightings. One scene has Wallace trying to
“call in” a Bigfoot.
Cancer ended Wallace’s life in 2010.To
honor his memory, Simmons is donating
$1 toward American Cancer Research for
every book sold.
To find Tracking Bigfoot on Amazon, go
donald-wallace/dp/1466459298. More
information also is available at www.
J. K. M.
Longtime Marblemount citizen Donald Wallace’s
book, Tracking Bigfoot, has been published by
his daughter, Lori Simmons. The book is avail-
able as a paperback and an e-book on Amazon.
com. Wallace tracked Bigfoot for 28 years.

Copyright 2011 Concrete Herald. Republished with permission.

Jason Miller, publisher and editor
Concrete Herald
P.O. Box 682
Concrete, WA 98237

Thank You Jason!

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