March 2017

My journey.
I wasn’t always a believer. I grew up in Kirkland and my father would visit on weekends.
I will never forget my father telling his Bigfoot stories to my yuppie girlfriends.  I felt so  embarrassed.
As a teenage girl I thought my father had spent WAY….too…..much time in the woods!
Don’t get me wrong I grew up appreciating both worlds. The city life and respecting nature. I grew up going fishing with my dad from the time I was 7 years old. I learned true survival skills.
My father Don Wallace was a real life Mountain Man He lived in the North Cascade Mt. for  30 years. And tracked Bigfoot for 28 years
He lived off the land and appreciated each day God gave him. My father battled cancer for many years.
 I believe that due to the years of living in the Mt. and a trapper before that made him an expert when it came to reading the forest. Even the weather for that matter.
 I remember walking down the trail with our dad to go fishing and he would point out different tracks by the animals that live in the forest. My dad fishing would be putting on his waiter boots and stand out in the roaring river. The beauty that surrounded us. The sense of relaxation. I knew why he was a Mt. Man. He didn’t have to deal with the city stress instead he could enjoy the relaxation of the mountains.
 It was his dying wish that his book gets published. I made that promise to my dad on his death bed. He told me he wanted the people to know the truth. That they do exist. My father’s field research was so important to him. Visiting the Big Guy his discovery up until 2 months before his passing.
He felt the Big Guy was beginning  to trust him. That someday soon he would get the ultimate photo.
My father told me stories about the Big Guy and how he came to find him. That the Big Guy was like a giant throwing a massive tantrum jarring the ground he was standing on.
I thought well how do you know it’s not a bear in hibernation underground.
My father a traper/ hunter his whole life had never before experienced any animal behavior like this one.
Process of elimination when it comes to conducting field research.
 I still wasn’t a believer but I always believed in my dad!
It wasn’t until after my father’s passing.  I found out my father’s stories were true!
Summer of 2010
 I had my brother take me to the areas my father wouldn’t allow me. My dad would say,” No Lori it’s too dangerous for you.” Knowing this I still entered the forest.
One of the areas was my favorite fishing spots with my dad growing up. My brother Mike was worried. He explained to me this is where an aggressive one lives.
We drove down in to the area anyways. The moment we got out of the car. It was as if we stepped into the jungle.  We could hear drumming coming from a nearby tree. We couldn’t figure out where just yet.  My brother pounded on the hood of the car. It was like a game.
I will never forget standing side by side with my brother next to the car. We heard a low guttural growl……My brother asks,” Was that your stomach ?
No?! That wasn’t you?”
I shoved my brother out of the way as I jumped in the car.
I was sitting in the passenger seat backwards holding the camera with my hands trembling my heart racing. I thought at any moment a Sasquatch was going to attack the car. My brother still pounding on the hood of the car. The drumming sounds and low growls still continued. My brother was getting the Big Guy all railed up. I guess in hopes he would come out. That was my 1st experience with the Big Guy.
It’s been 7 years I’ve continued my father’s research. I’ve taken many greats in the field. Members of Sasquatch organizations and couple of the world’s leading academics and wildlife biologists. I’ve put my own life on the line for science.
 In the beginning I believed that proving their existence was my main goal.
Instead  I’ve discovered there was more: I’m truly blessed to live in the moment with an amazing fellow species. Continuing to learn more about what and whom they are.
  I can’t allow my father’s 28 years of research to go unsolved. It is with love and dedication to my father Donald Wallace. That I continue to walk in his footsteps.
 Book proceeds are donated to Cancer Research! In memory of my dad. I have a new book out called Tracking Bigfoot the Journey Continues.
Youtube videos will take you on the journey with me!
The North Cascade Mountains National Forest comes to life as if you have just stepped into another world.