Photos of Don’s Life

The young Don went hunting with his Dad where he grew up in Ohio.

Don as a teenager showed talent as an avid fisherman.

Don with his Mom just before leaving home to join the U.S. Army as a paratrooper.

Don served his country in the Korean War.

Don made it home from the Korean War with only a bullet wound to his leg.

Predator Calling

Don holding his son Randy at Knots Berry Farm.

Don loved his family.

Don loved his family.

Don enjoyed the outdoors.

Don went fishing even in the cold.

Lori enjoyed fishing with her Dad even in the cold.

Christmas Day! Don with his son Mike, daughter Tina, and daughter Lori holding her son Chris.

Don enjoyed driving his fast car. He would often watch the car races at the Evergreen Speedway Monroe, WA

Don with one of his granddaughters Cortney. He lived in the North Cascade Mts. Don would normally drive 2 hrs one way to visit his family for the weekend.

Chris wearing a shirt of Papa Don and a bear. Don was charged by this bear on his property after it dumped over his garbage can. Don was thankful the bear didn't take his life.

Don fishing the Cascade River just walking distance of his property.

The fish was that BIG!

The glaciers were just a short drive up the road for Don. Don points out the view to his granson Chris.

Don was a Mt Man and this was his back yard.

This was Don's back yard in the Winter.

Thanksgiving Day! Don with his son Mike.

Don's daughter Lori and son Mike.

This is a wood carving Don made for his friend.

Wood carvings by Don.

Don using his predator caller while tracking Bigfoot. Don continued his field research up to a few months before losing his battle to cancer.

1 Response to Photos of Don’s Life

  1. Rea Casiano says:

    Wow i would so love to live there looks like a rich life.God speed, RIP.

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