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Woman Follows Dad’s Foot Steps in the Search of Bigfoot After He Loses His Battle With Cancer

After the passing of Lori Simmons’s Dad, Donald Lee Wallace, the man who tracked Bigfoot for 28 years, she needed to fulfill a promise to him. That promise was to share her Dad’s knowledge of tracking Bigfoot.

Lori Simmons


PRLog (Press Release)Dec 15, 2010 – SEATTLE –BUSINESS WIRE — After the passing of Lori Simmons’s Dad, Donald Lee Wallace, the man who tracked Bigfoot for 28 years, she needed to fulfill a promise to him. That promise was to share her Dad’s knowledge of tracking Bigfoot.  It was Don’s dying wish to publish his book called Tracking Bigfoot.  He was a man who lived in the North Cascade Mt. for the past 30 years and tells about his real life experiences.  How he came to discover Bigfoot living in either direction of his property.
The book comes with real life audio of Don as he enters the woods and shares with you his experiences.
Don lived off the land and appreciated each day God gave him. Don battled cancer for many years and lost that battle on Apr 14, 2010. The book Tracking Big Foot will donate to cancer research to save more lives!
SUMMER OF 2010 MIKE AND LORI CONTINUE THEIR FATHER’S LEGACY Lori and Mike discover that their Dad’s stories are true!  Lori fulfills her Dad’s dying wish by finishing the book with her Dad in spirit. Lori is the co-author of the book Tracking Bigfoot.  She finished her dad’s book with adding her amazing experience in Bigfoot country with her brother Mike.  Lori and Mike are both actively tracking Bigfoot.  Recently Lori tracked Bigfoot with Tyler Bounds of BFRO in the North Cascades National Forest.
Don writes:
I went back into the same wilderness area where Marge and I had gone the day before, where she and her dogs experienced some frightening stuff prior to that.
This time, though, I decided to move very slow, stopping periodically to carefully look around, slowly moving my head from left to right. I picked my way around dry sticks or anything that would be noisy. I ended up back at the small, broken tree, and then I chose a grown-over depression, heavy in short foliage, to just sit and wait for awhile. I chose this depression so I’d be less conspicuous. Almost right away I heard a noise down the slope from me and distant. I thought there must be somebody in there. Pretty soon I heard another noise off to my right, and now was another sound behind me, not very pleasant!
The wood-rapping sounds were more occasional and not constant. I tried to carefully see through the brush and trees in hopes of getting the ultimate picture, my main goal right now.
Suddenly my uneasiness worsened. I could feel the hair starting to raise on the back of my neck. Also, I could feel the vicious stares from some giant anthropoid unbeknown to me. It was worse than the time I called in a mountain lion, crouched ten yards behind my back. There was no comparison from the mountain lion stares and these stares—I have since referred to as laser eyes.

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 Lori Simmons Tracks Bigfoot and Publishes Her Book “Tracking Bigfoot, The Journey Continues”
After years of research and dedication to finding Bigfoot, Lori Simmons, in her father’s foot steps, seems to have found the creature and provides in depth and surprising account of her journey in the book “Tracking Bigfoot, The Journey Continues
Tracking BigFoot, The Journey Continues
Tracking BigFoot, The Journey Continues

SEATTLESept. 16, 2015PRLog — Lori Simmons has a life-long legacy with the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot. Her father, Donald Wallace, a real mountain man, tracked Bigfoot for 28 years through the North Cascade Mountains. Their collaborative book, Tracking Bigfoot, was a journal of their experiences looking for the elusive creature, complete with a description of a face to face encounter, footprints and hair samples that  was turned over for DNA testing.

Now with the complition of her most recent and extensive research and expiditons accompanied by most renowned experts in the subject, Lori has just published her new book “Tracking Bigfoot, The Journey Continues.”

This book will open your eyes to what you thought was just a mythical creature. It will take you on a journey you have never imagined to where these animals live. You will track Bigfoot through the forest with Lori as she takes world famous cryptozoologists and professors on reallife encounters together. The North Cascade Mountains National Forest comes to life as if you have just stepped into another world.

This book is the second contribution and credit to Lori’s late father Donald Wallace who began this amazing journey and promises to keep his legacy alive for many years to come. Her book can now be purchased on

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