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The Bigfoot Diaries is a relatively new blog that covers a wide variety of topics. It’s by-line is Contrary to the Ordinary, and one who reads it regularly will come to find that this is absolutely true. We cover what I call (un)popular culture, and that could mean anything from the back door music scene, to our one-sided sports bias, to amazing scientific discoveries, to stuff that is just plain weird and out of the norm. Sometimes we incorporate it with humor, and other times… Ha! We just try!

We take the Bigfoot legend very seriously at the Bigfoot Diaries, and always have an open door for people who share our passion. We embrace cryptozoology as a legitimate cause, and we like to think of ourselves as the vortex from mainstream USA to the land of the unknown and the undiscovered.

Not that we cater to the mainstream…

The Bigfoot Diaries might not be for everybody, but we hope it’s for you. Please stop by and take a look… And don’t for get to say “hello!”

My Father’s book is featured on The Bigfoot Diaries! Book stands up to cancer!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Incredible Story of Albert Ostman

This is a must read!

2 Responses to The Bigfoot Diaries

  1. Ed Wolvin says:

    I would like to know when your dads book is available to purchase. I am an avid Sasquatch reader. I have only read John Greens books and really appreciate real life experiences and your dad seems to be one of the select few that I am interested in reading. I am from Montello,WI. Ed

    • Hello Ed,
      Thank you so much for sharing your interest. I’m so excited to share my dad’s book, Tracking Big Foot. This is truly a book about real life experiences. My dad was a true mountain man. After the passing of my dad this city girl goes into the woods and I share my experiences. I learn that the stories my dad told me even back when I was just a little girl are true! I will keep you posted when the book goes to print.
      Take care,

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