What is your insight about Bigfoot imitating a Barn Owl?

It was summer of 2010 when my brother Mike and I went back up to the Bigfoot Country as I call it.  Our goal was to capture Bigfoot audio only while we stay at our Dad’s property over night.   So we set up the audio devices at the old gold mining area.  When we made it back to the car I got my purse out of the trunk and it slammed shut.  Just then I heard a loud rumble in the hill side in fount.  It sounded like a large animal running down the mountain side.  I yelled for Mike, ”Let’s get out of here!”  We both jumped in the car.  The road snakes down the mountain back and forth to our Dad’s property located inside a gated community.   I stared out the window thinking I might see Bigfoot following us.   I trembled inside.

When we made it back to our Dad’s property it was around 9pm, it was already dark.  It just didn’t feel the same without our Dad.  Not wanted to hang out inside so Mike and I took a walk.    Walking through the park with the flash light for sight.  Like old times only without the crowd of our family.  I was still feeling pretty shaken up by the whole experience.  This was an area I always felt safe and with my Dad by my side.  We walked to the restrooms and a group of people walked by us.  They had the same idea as us.  Mike stands on the porch under the light and waits for me in the dark.  After I came out Mike forgot to brush his teeth.  So then he’s in the men’s room and I was the one standing outside in the dark by myself.  I could see the park across from me and I could hear the roar of the Cascade River crashing over the rocks.

Just then I heard the sound of a Barn Owl hooting.  I thought to myself how exciting when the woods come to life.  I love the beautiful mountains.  The sound of the hooting continued even when Mike came outside.  Mike told me that he hears the Barn Owls at night all the time where he lives on the farm only he can always see their eyes.  Mike and I stud on the porch of the restrooms staring into the forest for the eyes of the Barn Owl.  Mike told me you can’t miss the eyes they are so big.  Then Mike mentioned to me that Bigfoot is known for imitating a Barn Owl sound.  OK so at that point I started to get freaked out.  We saw the ranger’s truck on the upper road.  So we waited for the ranger to pass by us.  We waited and waited still no ranger.  The hooting sound still continued and we knew where we just couldn’t see anything.  So we started to walk back to our Dad’s place.  Slowly walking scared in the dark on the gravel road.  Just then the hoot sound was more of a gurgle sound and extremely close by.   That alarmed us and we both turned back and said,” Ya, maybe we should wait awhile longer on the porch.”  So we waited and waited…… The sounds of the hooting continued and then it sounded distant.  Mike and I waited until the sounds of the hooting were so far in the distant we could no longer hear it.  When we walked back Mike suggested we walk load to scare off anything.   So I did I walked with my shoes close to the ground and talked loud even laughed to scare off any wild animal in the dark nearby.

This was my experience of the sounds of a Barn Owl in the woods at night.  What is your insight about Bigfoot imitating a Barn Owl?  Please tell me about your story of the sounds of a Barn Owl.

Would love to know!


4 Responses to What is your insight about Bigfoot imitating a Barn Owl?

  1. Brother mike says:

    I loved your story and I cant wait untill summer .. you forgot about the big red eyes we seen on the bridge and how we dident think it was eyes of a owl

  2. Sorcka Taz says:

    Me, my uncle, mom, dad, brother, and aunt were camping at my uncle’s cabin and my mom was getting my brothers diaper out of the car we heard something we will never forget. It sounded like an ape was trying to immitate an owl. It was scary. A little while later I heard foot steps in the woods . It took me hours to go to sleep. Up here in White Cloud, MI we … Well I have heard tree knocks, grunts, and have heard movement in the the woods while doing tree knocks myself. I ran the first time I heard it was scary , but now I know that I need to get answers . So if anyone can give me anything please let me know. Thanks

    • Sorcha Thank You so much for sharing your amazing story! They are very active at night. It does sound like you were camping in their area. Or maybe they were passing through… They can be intimidating at times. But please never run when your in the wild no matter what it is. Be safe and enjoy nature for all that it is! Blessings Lori

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