Big Guy Comparison video
(Please listen while wearing headphones)
Audio recordings of the Big Guy 2016 North Cascades Mts.
This audio has two parts. First part is the Big Guy’s behavior. After recording and charting over 400 hours. Big Guy being annoyed with sounds disturbing him. Example in this clip. The Big Guy gets annoyed with birds chirping/ an airplane in the distance. Approaching with new person behavior is unpredictable. Wildlife biologist John Bindernagel visits. John opened my eyes to the different sounds of growling and possible chest beating. Second part demonstrates that example. Comparisons to the Big Guy.

David Ellis’s review
I have been following some percussive sounds from areas all over but yours are unique. I have no rational explanation for what you are experiencing on a very consistant basis.
The percussive voice sounds I am following have more of a voice like quality than yours. The sounds you are recording are very
percussive in nature.
The Big Guy’s sound doesn’t match with any known sonogram.

The Big Guy Research

Research clips from June 2012 – Nov. 2015
Listen to the Big Guy interact with Lori. The Big Guy is Lori’s father Don Wallace’s discovery. Don lived in the North Cascades Mt for 30 years and tracked Bigfoot for 28 years. Don was a real life mountain man. He lived off the land hunting and fishing for survival not for sport. Don felt that the Sasquatches knew he meant them no harm. They shared the forest.
It was Don’s dying wish for people to know the truth. The truth about Sasquatch that they do exist. Don lost his battle to cancer April 14,2010. His daughter Lori has big shoes to fill. Lori was a skeptic and wanted to know what it was all about. Lori had her brother Mike take her to the places their father tracked Bigfoot. Areas her father said was too dangerous to take her. It was Summer of 2010 tracking Bigfoot when Mike drove their dad’s car. That was the day the Big Guy let himself be known to Lori and Mike. It had been 6 months since Don’s car was in that area. The whole forest came to life that day! As if Lori and Mike had stepped into the jungle.
I do understand, it is hard to believe. After all this is the same area my father would take me fishing. Little did I know that someday the ground below my feet would rumble and roar by the Big Guy.
It does shake your mind. When I always thought the ground I stood on was safe.
Now I know the truth about where the Sasquatches are during the daytime. It’s no wonder we can’t find them…We hear the tree knocks but don’t see them. Where did they go so quickly?
Well I know the truth. And it’s really because the Big Guy wanted me to know he was there. Hard to believe but Yes the Big Guy is underneath this tree. At one time there was a lookout. Now it’s covered. The Big Guy is not the only one in this area. The Big Guy is the Alfa-Male. This video is recording of Lori’s 5 years of research. You will hear ground braking pounding from the Big Guy. A total of 11 growls. The Big Guy is hot tempered at times. Yet he can be very playful. Lori can walk by and he will demand her attention. He’s shown signs of being very protective of Lori. He especially doesn’t like men near Lori. His behavior becomes aggressive. Summer of 2015 in order to calm the Big Guy down. Tom had to get into the car. Lori was able to continue to interact with the Big Guy as he was happy. He remembers Don’s voice even though he passed away April 2010. When Lori plays her dad’s voice the Big Guy response. Lori has taken a total of 24 people over her 5 years of research. All but 3 people experienced the Big Guy! You can’t be an alfa male to a Sasquatch. He will stay quiet. Lori is learning more each time just how intelligent the Big Guy is!
Lori knew she had to fulfill her promise, her father’s dying wish. She published his book Tracking Bigfoot 2012. Over the years Lori has taken people of credentials Cryptozoologist, Professors and Wildlife Biologist.
Lori continues to study the Big Guy and his family. Her father’s discovery continues to live on!
I’m sure your wondering how does Lori know what lives bellow that tree? It took years of Lori building trust and giving space that the Big Guy finally reveal himself. Lori now wears a GoPo in hopes of sharing an image

Field Research

Images of field research throughout the years.
In memory of my Dad, Donald Wallace

Tracking Bigfoot Small Clip

Tracking Bigfoot The Journey Continues! Lori Simmons follows in her fathers footsteps. Lori has big shoes to fill her father’s research of over 28 years in the Northern Cascades Mountains Washington state. Clips of Lori’s research from her book.  Lori finds herself researching solo than teaming up with Adam Davies cryptozoologist till 2013. The Big Guy Project was created with Professor Bryan Sykes. Lori went from building a trusting relationship with the beast her father called the Big Guy. To breaking this bond by trying to prove his existence with science. In this clip Lori and Professor Bryan Sykes find a hair. The book tells the story of how it all came about! Listen with your earplugs and hear the deep bumps and growls of the Big Guy!

Chapter 14 Creature Responding to My Dad’s Voice

Chapter 14 (Listen wearing headphones) Lori plays her father’s old school tape recorder for the Big Guy. The Big Guy enjoys listening to her dad’s voice. Tracking Bigfoot the journey continues through Lori. Lori experiences are same as her father Don
:15 Bump
Lori’s dad explains -heard knock noises appears to be coming from inside that big tree.
:18 Deep Bump
Lori’s dad explains the bumping game with the Big Guy
:36 Deep Bump










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    wish lori would make her videos public, i really love watching them

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